Afraid to Steam Clean Your Carpets Because You Think Your Stain Protection Might Be Compromised

Currently many people are spending more money on their carpeting. Carpet manufacturers have realized that people are not willing or able to replace their carpets every five or ten years, so they created an effective way to help prevent staining. Yes you guess it, Scotch guarding. However many homeowners are faced with a new dilemma "How can I effectively clean and maintain my Stain Protection on my carpet"? is the most common question they ask themselves.

Most people operate under the assumption that having their carpets professionally steam cleaned will ruin their stain protection. This is simply not the case, any professional Kansas City Carpet Cleaning company will tell you that while steam cleaning DOES remove some of the stain protection it is a small amount, and that it WILL NOT harm the protective nature of your carpets protection. In all actuality not having your carpets cleaned by a professional Kansas City Carpet Cleaning company on a regular basis is far more damaging.

To illustrate how this happens I will give a brief explanation on what exactly scotch guarding does. It is a liquid barrier that coats the individual fibers that make up carpet. It is designed to delay the absorption of liquids that will stain these same fibers. By delaying the absorption of spills it gives the home owner the opportunity to clean up the damaging substance before it is absorbed. That in a nut shell is all professionally applied stain protection does. Non-professionally applied stain protection is diluted and this reduces its effectiveness. What the carpet manufacturers do not tell the consumer is that simple everyday use of their carpet breaks down the protective layer on a daily basis.

A Professional Kansas City Carpet Cleaning company will tell you that everything from walking, dirt, animals, Pet Urine, Vacuuming, furniture moving and poor indoor air quality actually breaks down the stain protection on a microscopic level. It also damages the carpet fibers themselves which overtime will cause matting and bare patches in the carpet. Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned by a Kansas City Carpet Cleaning company will remove these particles and there fore will help prevent the damage from occurring.