Professional Rubbish Removal - Basic FAQ

With so many rubbish removal companies around these days, you need to know what to expect if you decide to use their services. Below we have outlined some of the more basic questions that people ask and try to provide the most suitable response to them.

What service is generally provided?

You will find that most reputable waste removal companies will firstly provide you with a free, no obligation quote before any work is carried out. If you make the choice to take advantage of their services then for most jobs a fully insured, two or three man team will be sent to carry out the work. While the job is being done, the team should go about things in the safest and most efficient way, making sure anything removed is loaded correctly into their van. After completion of the job, all removed items should be disposed of both legally and in an environmentally friendly way by the company involved. You can also expect them to give the working area a good clean down once finished.

Can all items be removed?

The majority of general household or garden waste items can be removed by most professional companies. However, there are a few hazardous materials for which a license is needed to carry including asbestos, paint, vehicle batteries, and toxic substances. It is therefore best to call the respective company beforehand to discuss any potential hazardous materials. They will then be able to tell you whether or not they will be able to remove it from your premises.

How much notice is required to carry out work?

It is usually a good idea to give the company as much notice as possible. Doing this means that they have got time to assess the job and arrange when is most convenient for you. Obviously, if you need things moving urgently then they will still obviously be able to help you out. It is best to give as much information as you can when you speak to them so they can work out the best plan for your needs.